Tension devlog - 04

Hello everyone,

A week has past, so here we are again with an update. Just like last week, things were pretty straight forward for us to do, fix the code and make stuff to dress up the game.

With our coders focussing on a lobby system last week, this still proved to be more complicated than we thought. Though it all worked, there were quite some pesky bugs in there we needed to fix. So we made our own navigation for it in order to have full control over our lobby system, while also adding in improvements. Gameplay wise, our item pickup and use system has been developing nicely this week, as we had multiple systems in place that basically all did the same thing. We purged the unused ones and made it consistent throughout the code. With this in place the dev team also worked towards the possibility of actually being able to pick up the item and use it. This is exciting as we are working on many funny items to use and we can’t wait to show them to you guys.

Furthermore, we added a health system for our characters to the game. This was a necessity so the characters would not clip trough the forcefield. This made a lot more sense in our blueprints, while also make it a bit more exciting.

Art wise, our art team focused mostly on items for now, as we needed those the most since we had two characters modelled and textured so far, the only thing we did to those was add in animations. With those 2 characters in place, which our coders can use instead of boxes in the playtests, we decided now is more the time for the items and environment. While discussing what more items we could use, we came up with some really fun ideas, which we really wanted to implement.

After trying some fast prototype ideas, we made a big one, full with animations and funny textures, so don’t fuss about it 😉

Kind regards,
Dev team


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Mar 22, 2018

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