Tension devlog - 07

Hello everyone

We would like to thank you all to stick with us during the Easter holidays. We had a nice and sunny break, so we’re full with new excitement and motivation to start our second sprint in the development process of Tension.

For this sprint we wanted to heavily focus on our characters and our environment. Now that everything is in place with items and code wise, we’re looking to play dress up with the level. With the art team focussing on these things, like making bookcases and walls, for example. With four and a half of our characters ready, it’s super nice to see them running around and using the items we made before the holidays.

Our dev team has been very busy this week implementing lots of features and adding a bit of fun effects and polish to the game. We added the bomb so we finally have our winning condition in the game. You can defuse the bomb and the bomb might act a bit different then you expect.

They also created the animation state machine, so Tension would play the correct animation when we need it, instead of running the animation constantly. With our animation state machine done we went ahead and added our sheep. These wander around the level blocking the players path, while keeping in mind they will become part of the actual gameplay later.

With the new level blockout that made navigating around the level more challenging, we didn’t think that suddenly going invisible when the player dies suited the game. So, we created a tombstone that falls from the heavens and makes the player vanish in smoke. We also created a pretty cool gravestone dissolve effect, so the level isn’t completely full of tombstones if you die too much.

We also put in a surprise button which can do a couple of surprising things like spawn a sheep and many more things. So you better be careful when walking around the level  😉

Just when you think that’s all you have to take into account we throw another element in the mix. There are oil spills in the level that might make you fall if you aren’t careful or you might get stuck in the spill.

Other then all these fun things we also adjusted/updated systems but we won’t get into the technicalities of that too much.

This will wrap it up for this week, as always we’d like to hear what you think of Tension so far and to hear your feedback.

Kind Regards Tension Development Team




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Apr 19, 2018

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