Tension devlog - 08

Hey everyone,

Another week has passed, so we have another update in store for you in where we stand with Tension. Our dev team did quite a lot of work. Up until now, players had to connect in the main menu. You couldn’t start the game unless there were at least two players connected. Since we have a lobby, it seemed more logical to handle this in the lobby. Now if a player connects, his/her character will spawn. Disconnecting will remove the character again.

They also added most of our new two verses two gameplay. If four players want to start a level, they can each pick a side on the start zone. Here they decide which team they want to be on. If both team zones have two players, the countdown will start, and they can start playing. When playing with four, each team will have a member on either side of the forcefield. The objective stays mostly the same: defuse the bombs with the items you find and combine. But, everything you do towards the objective will give you points (This is still work in progress). If all bombs get defused, the team with the highest score would win. So, to win, you’ll have to be smarter, faster, and coordinate better with your teammate then the other team does. Steal their items if you must!

Apart from all that, some fixes, adjustments and small additions were made. We implemented more characters in the game. We also fixed a little problem we had with this. Selection would freak out or crash under the wrong circumstances. Our character controller system has been reworked for better implementation. Oil spots and bombs got adjusted. The surprise button now has a few extra surprises, and last but not least, our sheep is happy to be animated.

With a lot of artistic gameplay finished, this week a lot has been done to the aesthetics of the level, , there was finally time to tackle to look of Tension. No longer do you see grey boxes an only one light source, our art team has been hard at work to make it way more pleasing to the eye, even though it’s still far from finished.

Heavy WIP of the playfield

The artists have been busy with making and creating the beginning of the UI elements and the environmental props you’ll see in game. From walls, to pipe, to desks and bookcases. These will all be found in game, though they are still in the process of placing it all and playtesting the collisions and testing if enough space is around the items. Part from that they also have to start tackling particles, as these pretty mandatory and require quite the amount of humour that is needed for Tension.

As always, give us feedback if you have any, we crave to improve the game we’re making and ourselves.

Kind regards, The Tension dev team


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Apr 26, 2018

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