Tension devlog - 10

Hello everyone,

Here’s another update on what we did this week. As it was kind of a hectic week to get everything ready to head into the polish state. This has been exceptionally hard on our coders, as a lot of stuff the artists made for UI and particles still had to be implemented. Thankfully, the gros list of this has been done to a state which is more than satisfactory.

One of the items they crossed of the list was the adding of an outline for the characters, so they stay clear where ever they are on the map. Also the camera has been fixed, as because before if the multitude of players where on the top of the map, the bottom would be cut out of view, leaving a player out of view if they were there. We also added in a running particle and sounds, which we personally think is hilarious.

Furthermore, we made the forcefield a little more endangering, by adding a screen shake as it moves and a subtle particle, and we also added a warning triangle to make it a bit more noticeable when the forcefield would start to move or rotate (or both).

Art wise, the artists had to update some textures and animations. With a lot of the feedback coming back that the animations of our alien characters not really being visible. So we decided to update these while also still making some textures which we apparently had forgotten.

Now the polish state will begin and the bulk of our work will consist of update stuff, adding in particles and finding decent sounds to match everything.

On a little sidenote, we’re super excited because FLEGA (the Flemish Game Association) is coming to our school and one of the game to represent our school is Tension. This is a huge deal for us and we hope to come out on top!

As always we like your feedback in any way, if you think something is great or need improvement, send us a message and let us know.

Kind regards, Tension Development Team


Tension_v3.0 92 MB
May 17, 2018
Tension_v2.2 - Hotfix 92 MB
May 09, 2018
Tension_v2.2 92 MB
May 09, 2018

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