Tension devlog - 11

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since we have given you an update, but that was because we were headed in the final polish face and our exams were coming up. So a lot has been done to improve the polish of the game.

Most things that were done was making and adding in sound effects, things that were still lacking from very early in the game if we compared it to other groups. We spend quite some time on this so this was what we spend our time on mostly. Artwise we finished up textures, tweaked here and there and made stuff better in general.

With all these sound files, the dev team finally had time to implement these. As the library was quite extensive, it took some time for them to do. Especially since there were also quite some bugs to fix.

Part from that we added in a lot of UI and UI fixes to the game, as these tended to be quite mandatory, and we, were quite slaking on this part.

Finally we also added in a tutorial level, as we had noticed from several play tests that people were still confused on what to do and that it tended to be very chaotic. However, the chaotic nature of the game had very mixed opinions, as a lot of people loved the idea that you had to learn the game this way, but also a lot of people thought it was too difficult to understand. So we decided to insert a tutorial or simple level for people to get the hang of the game mechanics, that in the end, everyone is able to enjoy the game as we intended it.

With the semester coming to a close, Tension development is also coming to an end. We’d like to thank all our playtesters and especially our teachers for guiding us through this progress. We have learned a lot and this have been a great experience to do so.

Thank you all for your support!


Kind regards,

Tension Development team


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Jun 17, 2018

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